In which out heroine answers the question, “A whah?”


In Which our Heroine is the collected exploits & opinions of a woman who’s life is (through no real effort of her own) a walking, breathing Chuck Lorre sitcom.

In short, funny (& bizarre, awkward, unlikely…I could go on) things happen to me. When I tell people about the strange circumstances I routinely find myself in, they tend to laugh. A lot.

After a quarter-century & some change of stumbling through life in this manner, I decided to gather my experiences together in all their silly glory & submit them for public consumption &/or ridicule.

What you can expect from this blog:
– True stories that range from the heart meltingly endearing to psychically horrifying.
– Opinions. On everything. You can have them. They’re on the house.
– Laughs, had both at me & with me.

What you should be warned about in advance:
– This is my website. There are many like it, but this one is mine. If you don’t like it, don’t think it’s entertaining or find it offensive, you are free to go away.

(Or better yet, get your own corner of the internet & make a site you DO enjoy. Not hard to do, they just give em away.)

-The opinions expressed on this site are not necessarily the opinions of…well anyone really. The lenses I see the world through are well educated, well informed, multicolored, and frequently cracked. I take full responsibility for the bizarro ramblings that may show up on these pages.

That said, all my posts are cooked with love & served with great care. I hope you enjoy them (or worst case, hope they don’t make your brain hurt).

– A


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