In which our heroine returns from the dead!

Why hello, internet! Long time no see! Did you miss me as much as I missed you? I hope so.

Well, I first must apologize for my absence & for leaving my site collecting dust for so long. Summer, while full of many wonderful high points, was completely long & weird. This weirdness has stretched into Fall & I have just started to accept it as the default setting for my life now. All the extra weird going on had to take up time & space somewhere (thanks for nothing, physics!) so unfortunately, the time I was able to devote to my beloved corner of them world wide internets had to suffer. To give you some context, here’s a brief pictorial summary of How Allison Spent her Summer/Early Fall, starting with the fun things:
I went to the beach with 3 of my sorority sisters (1 of whom I hadn’t seen in about 6 years).

I also got to meet that same sister’s 2 beautiful babies on the same trip.

And the trip was my first vacation in TEN YEARS. 10. Freaking. Y e a r s. (It was a big deal.)

I also (finally) went to a neurologist this summer after having migraines for what seems like my entire life to see if he could do something. I had an EEG & the doc put me on meds that not only fixed up my brain, but also had the added side effect of weight loss. Ka-Boom.


(Yes I am aware that is an odd thing to list under summer fun, but anyone who has had a migraine more than once in life can vouch for the fact that this shit is LIFE-CHANGING.)

I did lots of fun things with my friends, like go flat footing & demand 80s nights from establishments where no 80s night had been previously planned.


I went to see Aziz Ansari, who may or may not be my soulmate (not sure yet), do stand up at Virginia Tech.

And most recently, I ran/jogged/walked the Color me Rad 5k!

But, some heavier things have also gone down over the past few months. Like how in late spring/early summer, I let someone from way back in my past come into my present long enough to kick my heart in. It was gruesome. Apparently, it takes me a couple of goes to learn things sometimes.

And there were minor annoyances that seemed to pile up all summer long, like ending up in the ER 3 times in as many months or having some anonymous total douche stab a hole in one of my tires while I was staying with friends over a weekend.

But the single most devastating thing that happened this summer was getting the news on August 5th that my father had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Everything else, good or bad, ceased to matter on that day. His happiness & health took precedence over everything else in my life in that instant. One of these days if I grow a big pair of steel ovaries, I will hopefully write about what this experience with him has been like. Right now though, it’d be too much like picking at a new scab. All I’d do is bleed everywhere.

With all of THAT said, the good news is that I will be back to posting regularly again! I have loads funny, awkward, heartfelt, nerdy, ranty, pop-culture-y goodness just itching to come live in your brains, so stay tuned kids! Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!


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