About Your Heroine


I’m an Orwell baby. I’m an Aquarius. My alignment is neutral good. I’m a redhead. My Myers-Briggs type is INFP, The Dreamer (same as Audrey Hepburn, CS Lewis, & Tim Burton). My spirit animal is the butterfly.

I’m nerdy, smart, and Southern. I’m what might happen if Spock & Scarlett O’Hara had a baby and raised her on comic books & early 90s MTV.
I love sweet tea, good music, sitting on the porch, glitter, TV, dancing, drawing, painting, making things, gaming, cartoons, books, superheroes, hula hooping, nerdy men, artsy men (bonus points on both counts if you wear Buddy Holly glasses) & taking pictures.
I loathe fakery, zealots, Kardashians, ignorance, the guy at every party who thinks he’s too cool for the room, white condiments, indifference, TV talent shows, Valentine’s Day, & arrogance.
I believe in big, mad, passionate love that lasts for the rest of your whole damn life. I believe in making things you like even if no one else really cares about them. I believe in speaking your truth even if your voice trembles as you do it. I believe in laughing at as much of life as you can because taking it all seriously is a one way ticket to miserabletown. I believe in the golden rule. I believe in swearing to get your point across if you have to. I believe in kissing – a lot. I believe being the smart girl or the funny girl beats being the pretty girl any day of the week (although pulling off all three puts you square in the cat bird seat). I believe in art. I believe in kindness. I believe in letting your freak flag fly (within reason). I believe in doing what you love with love.
My name is Allie, and I’m just this chick, y’know?

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